315 Evening Party Starch Sausage Incident

First, list an outline of the 315 Gala report:

315 Outline:#

This outline comes from the channel @TestFlightCN

🌐 Motherboard gray industry chain: Network water army uses motherboard to freely change IP and evade supervision#
🔥 Fake fire-resistant glass black industry chain: Production of counterfeits, falsification of inspection qualifications, falsification of spot checks#
🧯 Unquenchable fire extinguisher: Merchants openly sell non-standard fire extinguishers#
🍖 Pre-made vegetable chaos: Braised pork with preserved vegetables is actually made from inferior pork#
🍷 Selling a more than 50,000 yuan bottle of flower liquor: "High-tech" cooling agent is actually common mint extract#
🤖 AI voice synthesis, AI face swapping video fraud#
💔 Chaos in marriage and dating platforms: Multiple marriage and dating platforms exploit consumer anxiety#
🚗 BMW drive shaft abnormal noise: Problematic models are still being heavily promoted and sold#
💳 Tongcheng financial app gift cards scam#

Event Explanation#

From this, it can be seen that the 2024 CCTV 315 Gala did not report on starch sausage.

However, on various social media platforms, there are still a large number of "news" articles containing the keywords "315 starch sausage" being published, and the comments can be roughly divided into three categories. The first category expresses concerns about food safety and states that they will no longer purchase starch sausage products. The second category states that they saw starch sausage on the 315 Gala. The third category states that they did not see starch sausage being reported on the 315 Gala. The conflicting statements from the latter two categories have raised my doubts, so I traced the source of the claim that starch sausage was reported on the 315 Gala.

Source Tracing#

First, I searched "315 starch sausage" on a search engine

I found that they were all news articles from Baijiahao, and there were no official articles, so they were not primary sources. Then, I used "starch sausage" as the keyword and specified the search results to be from "":

There was a report about roadside sausages in 2024, which was mainly concerned about the hygiene of roadside stalls. Here is the link:

How much meat is in a 3 yuan roadside sausage? Can it be eaten with peace of mind?

Then I expanded the search and obtained a report from The Paper, which directed me to the official website of China National Radio (CNR). This is the first related official report.

China National Radio comments on starch sausage collapse: Only with honest operation can we go far

Then I searched for starch sausage on the website of China National Radio and found an article on March 17th evaluating starch sausage, quoting a 22-second short video previously released by China National Radio.

Observation of Dan | After the collapse, is there still hope for starch sausage?

There is also an article published by China National Radio's Woodpecker Consumer Investigation on March 15th.

Woodpecker Consumer Investigation | What is the popular starch sausage made of?

It can be basically determined that this is the original source of this news.

Analysis of the Source#

Starting from the question of whether starch sausage contains meat, the Woodpecker Consumer Investigation contacted a staff member of a starch sausage manufacturer in Henan, who revealed that "chicken meat and chicken bone paste are used, and duck meat is cheaper, most of it is starch." Then, through an e-commerce platform search, it was found that bone meal is mostly used in pet food. When asked about the sale of pet food, the merchants stated that they do not recommend it for human consumption. After presenting this series of facts, the editor did not draw any conclusions, but implied a direction for consumers: bone meal should not be consumed by humans. However, the logical consistency of the above facts is questionable. First of all, it is questionable to conclude that there is bone meal in starch sausage based on the "disclosure" of a staff member from a manufacturing company. Secondly, when pet food merchants are asked about whether pet food can be consumed by humans, most merchants will not give a definite answer, regardless of whether they are selling bone meal or not. In other words, even if dog food made from various products that are generally considered healthy and safe for human consumption is sold, most merchants will not agree to buyers eating it. In addition to the issue of responsibility, there is also the fact that the standards and legal regulations for processing pet food and human food are different. Therefore, the logical chain mentioned above has flaws. However, this subsequent report did not conclude that starch sausage is harmful to the human body, it only stated that "nutrients cannot be absorbed by the human body," highlighting the lack of nutrition in starch sausage. It is worth asking how many people are buying and consuming starch sausage with the intention of "supplementing nutrition." This report is more about pointing out that starch sausage is not labeled as "ham sausage" and that there are indeed loopholes, thus calling for relevant departments to "strengthen quality supervision and establish clear quality standards." However, due to the timing of its publication during the 315 Gala, the self-media has turned it into "315 Gala reports on starch sausage." The rigor of evidence and argumentation in the 315 Gala is completely different from this report. The flawed conclusion of this report has been exaggerated and sensationalized by the self-media.

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